Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Has anyone noticed how tight the Girls scouts game is. I mean they got shit on lock. Once a year they come out on corners all over the city. I rolled up yesterday on a troop at 5th and Market trying to cop some Samoas and they already had sold out, but you better believe they told me we will be back tomorrow btwn 1-3 but the girls 18th and castro may still have that killa. They have a product that no one else has and everybody wants, im still itchin for some still itchin for some thin mints waiting for those girls on 2nd & Mission to open up shop. They even have limited edition cookies or cookies that are deadstock to keep you comin back. If it wasn't for the Internet i would still be chasin after those lemon coolers they were pushin back in 03. So how do they just take shit over just like that? Why isnt anyone trying to take their gate or push them out? Because they are bigger than you think, the Girl Scouts roll mad deep and are very organized, im talking county clicks not just states. The best part about their hustle is that they use little girls in cute green berets to sell their product ,everyone knows thats what they are doing but deems it harmless. They just cant see that that cute beret is the same as a bandanna, those badges are stripes. Vests are classically uniform for "members only" gangs such as the Hells Angles, Outlaws, even the younger bike gang the Rough Riders. Im not saying don't by the cookies, shit I respect their hustle, im just saying with all the things that have been showing their true face the last few years, just always look at the whole picture

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