Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Although the SLC is one of the most trendy fake places ive ever been they're skateboarding scene is the direct opposite. This group has been doing their own thing for some time now, the only thing they share with the rest of the city is that they are still inside a bubble, an untapped resource that few get out of.They have their own drama, their own mag and their own set of local videos apart from the rest of the world. Its awesome, these dudes are throwing hammers just for each other, work their butt off for their 3 minutes in the local theater.

Their lifestyle luckily has been documented in three different video series by three different filmers. Shelby Menzel's MUTINY series, The Random Lurkerz trilogy by MArk White and Eric Jensen is about to put out the second WEASt video. Each filmer is totally different so you get to see the scene from a different angle in each series. I thought i would give you a little visual history or timeline of the trailers ending with EJ's new Weast Infection Trailer. I think local smaller videos are the best but these are not that, this is more of a torch being passed to each one of these filmers to do with it what they want. Mutiny is more RAW, Mark White brought in major filming booms, EJ's on that Gangsta Shit but they all have the same focus.

Here are the two teasers for Shelby's Mutiny 4 the horseshoe pits were actually in my backyard when i lived in SLC for 8 months and these trailers were what i sent to my friends and family as my reason for up rooting from Brooklyn to SLC.

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