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My good homie Tully Flynn laced SLUG up with some words on the Rough Side of Da Trax Tour, I spent forever organizing. Pappa T always makes reading about anything better. READ THIS SHIT and come next year!


Zach hyas been killing it while in SoCal, the Organika United Nations dropped today, CLICK HERE or the IMAGE to check it out. He also filmed a TRIKIPEDIA trick and some other INTERWEB HOTNESS. Oh yeah and peep his LIST over at hi fi.


TEAM JADED got some new toys and laced us up with
a sick vid while they did a test drive.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ive been totally blowin it as usual with the blog, but here is some footage and EXTRA PHOTOS from ROUGH SIDE OF DA TRAX on Labor Day in SLC. Shit was super fun drove with the RNCK CLAN 12 hours both ways, 2 nights in Reno, 2nd stay in Reno was with the sand people from Burning Man. Shamanski stayed like 2 extra weeks in SLC, took the 16hr train back and his train crashed into something so it was like a 24hr train ride! Shit was epic.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

DOWN with MS

BUY this board a portion of everyboard goes directly to Lee Bender to help him get the treatment in Poland for his MS. Lee is one of the raddest dudes ever, and he lives in S.F. now! Can you imagine not being able to skate in S.F.? Click the image or HERE for the full story. You can cop the board right HERE


Peep the rest of Liz's Laterd


Sorry for the late posts, my life has been fucked to shit these last few weeks, but if you need a good laugh at my bad luck and misfortune you can always Follow me on Twitter.

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After about five or six “last day of the Banks” announcements, as of the evening of June 21, 2010, the Brooklyn Banks have been fenced off in order to administer repairs on the Brooklyn Bridge that are expected to last until 2014. While there is no concrete information in regards to the status of the spot (more than likely, they’ll probably build enough skate parks and “plazas” by then and tell you that its ok for them to knock it down in three-and-a-half years because you have other stuff to skate), the Department of Transportation (or Bridges and Tunnels, one of those things) seems like it is being deliberately vague in terms of announcing what plans they have for those of us that will not succumb to cocaine addiction, failed art careers (same thing, sorry), and still be skating in 2014.

The western entrance of the spot is fully fenced off, as depicted, but obviously, you can hop the fence unless you’re morbidly obese. The eastern entrance, as of the 21st, has not been fenced off, but yeah, they should be getting to that any day now. The nine stair is still skateable.

copy via the block huggers @ quartersnacks

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The homies at KCDC are finishing up a video, Falla part should be redic. On another note Amy Gunther was named "chick of the month," on the Karmaloop Ladies Blog. Whatever that means, but Karmaloop is killing it and Amy is the shit so peep it HERE or click the image below.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I think ive said this b4 but its a trip how much professor plumb has taken off. So stoked to hear Ellington & Reynolds talk about his style and adaptation to street spots. Lots of Random Lurkerz footage, Tully "the pumpkin king" shout out! Epic Lizard Bike helmet footage!

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Been working on this project for some time now, stoked to give a lil taste to the masses. This trailer was sliced by the other half of Team Jaded Abby Moriah. Check RNCKSF.COM or TEAMJADED.COM for more to come.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


We just had the 1st Annual Cal-Train Tour last sunday
and it really was a great day. Peep some of the photos
my homie Christian Ericksen took HERE

Brian Had A Baby!

Congrats to my friend I never see and we
live and work really close to each other,
none the less im way happy for you buddy!

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Ive been really blowin it on the blog tip the past few months, just was on a crazy grind, non-stop, but Im returning with SKINNER's HELL DREAM that was brought to life by Eighty Four Films. You probabaly recognize SKINNER as the artist behind Blood Wizard, I posted their teaser below!

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Caleb's part in Eric Jensen's WEASTinfection...enough said homie kills it!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nike SB:Stephan Janoski

Dont worry this is definitely not some shoe collector rant, and maybe ive just not been too focused on Nike SB, but as an art director & a designer I found it really rad that Nike actually had Stefan Janoski's shoe bottled for the series of ads they did. Do go the distance really made this art direction happen, rather then photoshop faking it. As I said this is probably old news, they probably gave one of these shoes in a bottle to each of their core shop accounts and i just have been under a rock. How the fuck did they get them in there?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Trick Factory's -Off The Couch-Over 30

The Trick Factory is a group of guys that have been homies for quite some time, most of these guys live in boulder or baltimore, but they all get together once a year typically on Thanksgiving to rage together. Eckler introduced me to some of these guys when they were out in S.F. a few years back for the Roughneck premiere and they are still ripping, turns out they put a video together too!

First dude I met, one of the raddest dudes ive ever met, worst story ever got swiped by a Jeep on the freeway best story ever he's totally alive and recovering. This is his C footage, and its still sick!

Brian has mad stories about Gordon, I had to hit him up for questions when I interviewed Gordo for 48blocks. They also may be tied on their blunt to fakie. I actually have something in the works with him right now but i really cant talk about that...

Eckler ends this section proper...someone needs to tell Navs to turn him pro, he stays holding it down for the Man-Am's, his Lowcard Part premieres on the 27th!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fart Lake Shitty

Peep this new ill flik out of SLC.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Typical Culture starts 2010 out with their 5th Photo Issue. So dope, definitely CHECK IT OUT, mad photos from and of all the homies!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fresh n Hesh

Team Jaded put together a super dope check out on DWNTWN! If you don't know about one of the realest shops out there i dont know where the fuck youve been but you better head DWNTWN!

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No showing up without a board!