Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'll Be Gone Till November…

Been on a crazy grind since August, between AKQA, Roughneck, and the Fam I've seriously had no days off. So I thought I would hit ya'll with a Mega Post to give you some highlights from the past few months.

One of the big reasons things became so busy in August was the ATTENTION I received from my Degree Dept. for my Senior Project a complete re-brand, case study, and fully functioning Interactive Campaign for Southwest Airlines.

We've been workin with Team Jaded for awhile on It's a Rough Life.
On Oct. 6th we released the first episode of the pilot season and
are currently on Episode 6.

Ep:01 The Rough Side of Utah pt.1

Ep:02 Rough Side of Utah pt.2
Ep:03 Rough Side of Utah "Finale"
Ep:04 The Phoenix Saga Begins
Ep:05 The Road to Cowtown

Ep:06 MIA

There was a calender miscommunication with this years BART TOUR, so we had little to no time to promote.I figured a short promo spot would be more effective than a flyer. Thanks to some outside help from Marc Secher and Greg Hansen, I was able to squeeze this one out, CLOSE TO 2K HITS IN 5 DAYZ with embeds even in Japan and Germany…NOT BAD.

Halloween was off the hook, lyric went "full" Dracula and Audi dropped this sweet commercial a few days before. It was all done in San Francisco in-house by AKQA & AKQA Film SF. Originally intended to just be seeded through digital channels and social media, it was loved so much that it ended up in Audi's national cable TV rotation!

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