Monday, January 19, 2009


Last night was Wiley and Annie's last night in S.F. so i chilled at Jerry's Tattoo parlor for a hot min. while they got some ink. This reminded me that February 14th is approaching which is when Ashley and I get our Valentines Day tattoos. I got to look at alot of artwork on the wall's at Jerry's such as a grim reaper feeling up a stripper, a skull with a boob for one of its eyes, and a woman with a big butt that said "Where's the beef," spelled across the cheeks. Sorry there is no pictures, i got busted trying to take some, its probally becaue there is also alot of swastika's incorporate into the artwork at Jerry's which is strange because most of their clients are not white. Anyway it defintiyl helped me come up with some ideas and I think im leaning towards Petunia the tattoo that little Pete from The Adventures of Pete & Pete had and used to make dance.

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