Saturday, February 2, 2008

My old man flew up to S.F. a few weeks ago for a day to see my family and myself, the reason for this trip was that my father was going to have open heart surgery a couple days after and wanted to spend some time with us incase he didn’t wake up. That’s seems blunt, but that’s how my father raised me to expect the best, but prepare for the worst. His visit truly opened my eyes to a side of being a dad that I have not seen before. For my father to see me raising another Nelson just as he did was one thing, but for me to see the way Lyric looked at my father, well that was amazing. Lyric new that he was my Dad, and there for his Granddad, he never warms up to anyone as quick as he did my Pop, he saw an older version of me and so did I. Its crazy how much I am like my father, I even catch myself wanting to do things with Lyric that my father did with me. My Pop is the shit!!!

This photo is when bowl cuts were the hot shit for kids, I think I continued to rock after it went out of style, honestly I don’t even know if it was ever cool.

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Billy Boy said...

Beat Lyric it is the only way he will learn. Plus you look amazing