Thursday, August 16, 2007

Double Date

Tonight Ash and I went to Jordan Commons with Caleb and some girl to see the premiere for the new Technique video which Caleb had a killer part in.

Our double date turned into a triple date with Mike "the lizard king" Plumb A.K.A. Danny Gotimer's double.

Lizard had been smoking some crazy hallucinogen the night before and was tripping balls ( look at his eyes in the picture) for some reason he was latched onto our hip. We had to pick up Lyric from his grandmothers on the way home so we had to leave Mike at the thearter. I just can imagine Lyric having bad memories of a car ride home with The Lizard King on DMT or whatever it was, he didn't even know what he was on.

Lizards new N.W.A. tat, also notice the Beer Bottle tattoo to the left that Dan Pensyl did drunk as shit, he signed it.

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