Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This is a Folky One.

After seeing Danny Gotimer get some amazing ink, i was inspired to do so myself. After searching my brain i realized a husband and wife tattoo was in order. A group of my very close friends all have the Bob Dylan lyrics "Dont Think Twice," tatted on their abdomin , i never really felt the need to get this ink until today when i really realized that it truley applies to my youthful marriage. After playing the Danny Gotimer version of this track to my wife she literally didnt think twice, and well now that shit is in ink. So these tattoos have been totally inspired and are a tribute to my good friend the late great Danny Gotimer.....R.I.P.


A Citizen of Swampass City said...

beautiful eulogy to a great man.
and your arms look amazing together

Rory Part 2 said...

i need to get another tattoo to blog about. Im falling behind!